Liza and Mike, Ukraine and Canada.

I want to thank for Elite-bride marriage site, its professional team helped me to find my love and become totally happy in my new life. In general we were both people of mature age and with some achievements in life but it was still quite in personal life, even registrations on different dating sites didn't give any results, simply wasting of time and unlucky efforts. But due to God's will we both have registered on Elite-bride and met each other to be happy! Our first date was in Ukraine with the help of professional interpreter so we had a qualitative and productive communication. We have been together for one week, then I left for Canada and was waiting for Liza's coming to me. For the second time we have met here and decided to built plans for future, so now we are family and have good life together. I was looking for a woman from Slavic country and this site with professional team helped me a lot. If to use a help of international marriage service, its better to use something that really helps you in short time. I trust this team and recommend all single guys to seach for a match here! Regards, Mike and Liza Johnson

2017-12-05 08:21:22

John and Galina

John and Galina We want to say many thanks to Elite-bride site whose team helped us to find each other. I was looking for a wife from Ukraine, it was my dream to have a wonderful lady by my side. With the help of was dream came true. This team works for other people to be happy in love and life. When I started writing letters to Galina, good interpreters helped her in translation and sharing letters with me. We have no problems in communication and chat. This site has a big advantage of sending qualified gifts. I loved to send roses to my beloved Galina. They helped us to date the first time, everything was in the highest level. So we had a great time together, we were totally content about everything. First meeting helped us to open souls and showed our feelings. After meeting we decided to get married and now we are husband and wife. We wish everybody to meet happiness here on this site.

2017-05-02 15:32:46

Nick and Kate

We are grateful to the team of your site that has provided us with service or search and translation. This is a great start for the future for every member in love. If you hesitate we strongly recommend you to try your luck. Now we are completely happy together! Elite-Bride Team, you are the best!

2016-05-18 21:49:47

Kim and Mariya

Our happy and loving family wants to say thanks to Elite-Bride site, for theirs help and support all the time. This team of managers and translators made a great contribution in the development of our relations. They helped us to find each other and made all efforts for qualitative communication and dating service. We are glad to love each other. We wish Elite-Bride site good luck and prosperity.

2016-05-18 20:37:02

Mike and Natalia

We thank a lot to Elite-Bride dating site who helped us to find each other and create a happy match! Team of the site worked well for the best result to help us in communicating via letters and chat, provided us with all needs for date. We met each other in person and understood that created for each other. We wish you good luck and more compatible matches. Best regards, Mike and his bride Natalia

2016-05-11 20:15:18

Jack and Mila

We are happy to thanks to the best dating site ever, because they helped us to find each other among all members. Its so hard to understand where is your love but elite-bride team made communication, translation service so productive to help us to built relations step by step. Now are together in love and happiness! We wish you good luck and smooth work. Best regards, Stewart family.

2016-03-25 13:08:53

Alex and Kristina

Love is eternal feeling, this is what we understood since we are together for 2 years already. We thank so much to Elite-Bride team for help in communication service. The search was really easy for us. We shared contacts and next day began to communicate and have fallen in love. Thanks a lot to this dating site. We wish you much love and many good members!

2015-10-30 09:34:46

Michael and Olga

We would like to express words of gratitude to Elite-Bride in finding perfect matches! we have found each other here almost immediately after long time of searching! Operational work of translation yielded immediate results and now we are together and totally happy! THANKS A LOT!

2015-09-25 15:12:05

James and Liza

Dear members, we are happy! After so many years of unsuccessful match search, we are finally together. We lost all the hopes but Elite-Bride site helped us to unite us and began happy common life. This team is running smoothly in the name of love and efforts to make one's life and love better, deep and open. Our young family wishes good luck to everyone in search. we wish to love and be loved! Our the best regards.

2015-01-31 20:56:36

Brandon and Larysa.

All of us know how difficult is to stay alone for a long time and almost become disappointed in love, but these wonderful people haven lost the hope to find their true love like for the first time!!! Wonderful and calm man Brandon met his gorgeous woman Larysa here and it was love from the first sight! Their hearts beat more and more often in anticipation of the first meeting!!! And finally came the moment of their first date, when Brandon got out of the car and saw Larysa first hugged and kissed on the lips!!! Larysa was overjoyed! All the way to the hotel, he held her hand gently and looked into his eyes, full of satisfaction and expectations come true !!! Finally, we all together for the whole week!!!! - He said! It was the most wonderful week in the life of Brandon and Larysa recently. There was like for the first time between them - the first kiss, the first trip to the restaurant, a bouquet of camomiles and a romantic evening by candlelight! When Brandon was sitting, his hand gently hugged Larysa's shoulder and they looked like a dove lovers who look not only at each other, but also to look to one side of life !!! Love for all ages - this pair proved to all that passion and love - a feeling for the two lovers of all ages !!! They have common interests and hobbies! They love animals, growing fruits and vegetables! Like a true gentleman, Brandon treated Larysa! And as a nice lady, she's a bit shy and modest, she reciprocated his courtship!!! They were nice to look at and around their bodies dominated fluids of love. They quoted poetry to each other, they wrote in honor of each other, looking into theirs eyes full of love and sympathy! Present and future mutual understanding can only be where there is all-consuming love, and Brandon and Larysa - a vivid example to such relations, warm and ready to do anything for beloved!!!

2014-07-12 18:12:01

Alyona and Michael

I always knew that there is my soul mate somewhere, a man who could be everything for me! And I was right! Thanks to an agency Elite Bride I found him far from my home! Qualified interpreters and friendly team of my local agency helped us to communicate, organized our meeting. So the next and the most significant step was our marriage! So we want to express our sincere gratitude to Elite!!! You gave us an opportunity to be limitlessly happy!!!

2014-05-08 16:34:59

Julia and Jim

We met each other on this beautiful web site searching someone special! When I first saw Jim I knew that he is the only man I wanted to get married! After a few chats we decided to meet and it was a right chose because I had never seen such a kind, loving and honest person as Jim before! He felt the same so I get married to a Norwegian! Thank you, Elite for helping us to meet our destiny!

2013-08-15 10:15:12

Klod and Eugenia

We are expressing our biggest gratitude to Elite! Thanks to this dating agency we met each other! We had great communication online and when we learned each other better we had already known that it was fate! Our real meeting proved we were right! Klod and I are soul mates and now we belong to each other! Our marriage is the best thing happened in this life!

2013-01-25 14:11:51