Happy New Year!

The whole planet met the New 2019 Year of the Pig. Let every day of this year be filled with joy and desire to strive forward, give people around you a smile and goodness so that they will respond to you with the same. Happy New Year!

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December 25, Catholics celebrate Christmas.

This is one of the greatest days for Christians around the world. The main symbol of the holiday is the shopka (den). It is installed in every home. Parents show figures to children and tell stories. At the same time they pray. Another unusual attribute is hay on the table, which is placed under the tablecloth. By this the believers show that Jesus is born in their home.

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World day greetings

World Greeting Day falls on November 21, and its history goes back more than 40 years. The main goal of this wonderful holiday is to draw public attention to the first degree of personal communication in order to strengthen peace on Earth. Kindness is a more powerful tool than force, and it is with its help that many conflicts can be safely resolved.

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The National Airborne Day (the National Airborne Day in the USA)

Every year on August 16, the United States celebrates a professional holiday - the National Airborne Day (the National Airborne Day in the USA), which was established in honor of the memorable date in the history of the US Airborne Forces. On this day in 1940 during the army tests, 48 volunteers made the first jump with a parachute at the US military base Fort Benning (Georgia). Parachutes in the army were used to transfer troops to the rear of the enemy, Brigadier General William Mitchell!

2018-08-15 19:54:26

The International Lefthanders Day!

The International Lefthanders Day was first celebrated on August 13, 1992 at the initiative of the British Left-Handers Club, established in 1990. Day of the left-handers is called upon to draw public attention to the problems faced by left-handers in the right-handed world; draw the attention of designers, manufacturers and sellers to the need to take into account the convenience of lefties when using various items; To dispel the prejudices and superstitions that surround left-handed people for centuries in different cultures; encourage scientific research in the field of studying the phenomenon of left-handedness.

2018-08-13 15:33:11

International beer day.

In recent years, the annual unofficial holiday of all lovers and producers of this drink, which is celebrated on the first Friday of August, is gaining increasing popularity. The founder of the holiday was the American Jess Avshalomov - the owner of the bar, who wanted to attract more visitors to his institution. For the first time this holiday was held in 2007 in Santa Cruz (California, USA). In addition to the USA, today Beer Day is celebrated in many countries of Europe, South and North America, Asia and Africa. But in our country it is not very well known, although beer in Russia has always been popular.

2018-08-03 11:08:01

Esperanto Day, 26th of July!

Annually on July 26, fans of the world's first artificial language celebrate the Day of Esperanto (Esperanto Day). This mark system was created by the oculist Ludwig Markowich Zamenhof (Ludwig Zamenhof, 1859-1917). He was born in Bialystok - now this city is located on the territory of Poland, and in the 19th century was part of the Russian Empire. Neighbors Zamenhof were Russian, Byelorussians, Poles, Jews, Germans, Lithuanians. Communication with people of different nationalities pushed the young man to create a language that any person on the planet could understand. The first work Ludwig Zamenhof published under the pseudonym Esperanto (Esperanto). This name, which translates as "Hopeful," soon became the name of the language itself. Communication with people of different nationalities pushed the young man to create a language that any person on the planet could understand. The first work Ludwig Zamenhof published under the pseudonym Esperanto (Esperanto). This name, which translates as "Hopeful," soon became the name of the language itself. How many people currently use Esperanto, it is difficult to say, since no official statistics are being kept. The site "Ethnology" estimates the number of people speaking the language of 2 million people. According to this source, for several hundred people - mainly children from international marriages - Esperanto is the mother tongue. In our country, according to the results of the All-Russian Population Census of 2010, 992 people speak Esperanto. Today they all celebrate the Day of Esperanto. It was July 26, 1887 Ludwig Zamenhof published a textbook on Esperanto - the so-called "First Book". He began work on the book as a schoolboy and in 1878 introduced his classmates to the notes of the future language. The final draft of the textbook was ready in 1885, but for two years Zamenhof tried to find a publishing house that would publish a textbook. On July 26, the book was printed at the Kelter printing house in Warsaw. The Russian version was published in 3,000 copies, and before the end of 1887 the textbook was published in Polish, German and French. Despite the fact that at the present time no state formally approved this language, in 1921 it was recommended by the French Academy of Sciences, in 1954 - by UNESCO. In 1985, UNESCO appealed to the States included in it and to international organizations with a proposal to introduce Esperanto education in schools and to use this language in international cooperation. And every year hundreds of international conferences and meetings are held in Esperanto without interpreters. In addition to the Day of Esperanto, advanced fans of this language also celebrate Zamenhof's Day. It is celebrated on December 15, the birthday of Ludwig Markowitz. For the first time, Esperantists massively celebrated this date in the 1920s. It is now proposed to rename this holiday on the Day of Esperanto Literature, the Day of Esperanto Books or the Day of Esperanto Culture.

2018-07-25 15:56:57

International Cake Day!

July 20 marks an interesting and still young holiday - International Cake Day, dedicated to friendship and peace between people, countries, peoples. It passes under the motto "I CAKE YOU", which means - "I will come to you with a cake", that, in general, it is logical - how, if not a cake with tea, to celebrate peace and friendship? At the roots of this sweet summer holiday was the "Milan Club" of the Kingdom of Love - a community of friends, whose members are musicians, cooks and other enthusiastic creative people. And it was this creative union in 2009 that started the tradition of creating joint musical cakes, which was later supported by other countries. What is remarkable, every year the International Day of Cake is celebrated in accordance with a special theme. For example, in 2012 the theme of the festival was space, in 2013 - love of the world around, in 2014 - a parade of planets. Well, the theme of the Cake Day - 2015 will be the phrase "Visiting Tale". So the main event of the day, - the exposition of the most unusual cakes, - this year will be mega-spectacular!

2018-07-21 10:13:39

World Kiss Day!!!

Today, everyone can "share their souls" on full rights - July 6, World Kiss Day (World Kiss Day or World Kissing Day), which was first invented in the UK. In many cities, various kissing competitions are held on this day, the participants of which have a chance to win various prizes and gifts. How did the kiss come about? Most knowledgeable people argue that the authorship of the first kiss is not established. It was not invented, like electricity or telephone. It was not named after the man who first joined his lips and immediately unzipped them with a characteristic sound, leaving a wet imprint on the girlfriend's cheek. Yes, in general, it is not so important, where did the word denoting this action come from. It is much more interesting to find out why the action itself appeared, but on this score, anthropologists, historians and philosophers still do not agree. There are a lot of theories. And carry the love through life. (Photo: Aga & Miko (arsat), Shutterstock) Why do people kiss? First, because it is imparted by culture. Almost all over the world, people, getting into a romantic situation, feel an unconscious need to kiss. It seems that the representatives of the opposite sex are programmed for a kiss and that's the only thing they are waiting for. If you understand this, you will receive more and kisses, and pleasures from them. This program operates from day to day. People see actors who are kissing on TV screens, in movies and in advertising, they are told that their friends are kissing with that and that, they see people kissing on the street. As a result, in certain situations, a kiss is perceived as an obligatory component of them. Therefore, in a romantic situation, a subconscious stereotype comes into force, and people feel an almost irresistible desire to kiss regardless of whether they really want it or not. Known kissers A certain American E. E. Wolfram from Minnesota kissed 8001 people for 8 hours on September 15, 1990 during a festival held in his state. Thus, he managed to kiss a new person every 3.6 seconds. The first kiss on the screen: 1896. It was recorded by Mae Irwin and John C. Raye in the 30-second video of Thomas Edison called "Kiss." The most full of kisses film: "Don Juan" (1926, the company Warner Bros. Pictures). In it counted 191 kiss. The longest kiss in the history of cinema: Regis Tumi and Jane Vyman kissed for 185 seconds in the movie "You're in the Army Now" (1940), which occupies 4% of the entire length of the film.

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July 18 is the day of the fisherman!

On the Day of the Fisherman, first of all, congratulate the workers of the sphere: employees of fish inspectors, fisheries scientists and universities, as well as border guards protecting the waters of the Russian territory. Corporate parties are hosting corporate parties. The management awards distinguished employees with laudable certificates and cash prizes. Also, experts give each other memorable gifts. These are souvenirs, expensive alcohol, equipment for fishing enthusiasts. In some cities even excursions are organized for everyone who wants to dive under water. People show the richness of the underwater world and talk in detail about the profession of a fisherman. Lovers of fishing also have their own traditions. Celebrants gather with their families to ponds and arrange games, competitions. The most popular competition is fishing. Fishermen for a certain time should catch prey. Then the catch is measured, weighed and already on this data determine the winner. Not without feasts. As a rule, tables are placed near reservoirs. Men catch fish, and women immediately cook at the stake fire. Then they all get together and celebrate.

2018-06-25 10:01:18

18 th of June - World motorcyclist day!

World motorcyclist day fans of this rapid mode of transport every year celebrate the third Monday in June. An unusual holiday appeared in 1992 and was given the symbolic name "To work on a motorcycle". A few years later, the resonant action took on a global scale and turned into an international holiday. Initially wishing to join the organizers of the holiday left their cars and transplanted to motorcycle transport on the third Wednesday of July, but in 2008 the date of the event was postponed to June. Today the goals of the holiday are expanded. The international movement of motorcyclists calls attention of other road users to their presence on the roads. Adherents of a compact and economical mode of transportation are trying to demonstrate the advantage of two-wheeled vehicles, convenient for movement on traffic jams and city parking.

2018-06-16 11:06:15

International Friend's Day!!!

All peoples at all times revered friendship as the greatest social and moral value. Not surprisingly, in different countries there are holidays dedicated to friends. One of them, International Friends Day, is celebrated in several countries every year on 9 June. Naturally, the folk art of our distant ancestors left a lot of proverbs, sayings and aphorisms about friends. Remember? - An old friend is better than two new ones. Three friends: father, mother, and a faithful wife. Friends and in one grave are not crowded. Do not keep a hundred rubles, but keep a hundred friends. As Arthur Schopenhauer remarked: "True friendship is one of those things about which, like giant sea snakes, it is not known whether they are fictitious or where they exist". A friend is one soul living in two bodies. But we hope that in your life there is at least one person whom you want to whole-heartedly congratulate on this holiday. After all, the International Day of Friends is founded precisely to ensure that, regardless of life circumstances and various vicissitudes, we reminded our friends about how important they are for us to make them happy. Although history is silent by whom and when this unofficial holiday was established, but this does not deprive him of popularity. Perhaps, this holiday for someone will be an excellent occasion to again, after some time, to call or write to old-good friends, and then get together a noisy friendly company and share good news and pleasant memories.

2018-06-12 11:08:26

31st of May - All blondies's day!

The brightest, most visible and most light-haired part of humanity has finally found its own long-awaited and well deserved holiday. Maybe because the rights of blond ladies as they angrily say unfairly trampled literally all over the world, Bright date May 31 declared the World Day blondes. The first celebration of the Day of Blondes passed with real chic. In Moscow in the Novinsky Passage, the ceremony of awarding the "Diamond Hairpin" award was held, timed to celebrate talented, smart, successful, fashionable and infinitely feminine. In a word, the most blond blondes of our time. I congratulate Blondes on Day. We wish always to be bright and spectacular, charming and unique. Let your bright head always visit interesting thoughts, let your smile and beauty fill with light of happiness and joy this world. Go through life, not doubting in yourself and every time making sure that the blonde is tenderness, passion, charm and grace.

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Happy Easter!

Easter is one of the most important holidays for Christians. Easter Sunday commemorates the Resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus Christ from the dead. In Fact the base of the Christianity is built on Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This Easter, may we always be blessed with love, life and happiness. May our lives be touched by the true meaning of Easter. Exchanging Easter greetings and Easter wishes to celebrate this day is one of the most common traditions. You can express your heartwarming Easter wishes through a wonderful Easter bucket in the list of presents on our site. Our team wishes you a Happy Easter and all your wishes to come true!

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8th of March

Dear men we want to remind you about 8th of March. It’s a good chance to congratulate your beloved woman with this special occasion. On our site we have a great verity of gifts so you can make your woman totally happy and underline her femininity. If you still have doubts about what present will be better for your second half, you can contact our support and we will give you a good advice. So, don’t hesitate to find your happiness!

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Columbus Day

Columbus Day in the US is a national national holiday. It is celebrated in honor of the landing in the New World on October 12, 1492, the Italian navigator Christopher Columbus. In 1937, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared October 12 a national holiday. The date was celebrated until 1971, and then Congress passed its resolution to celebrate Columbus Day every second Monday in October. In 2017, Columbus Day falls on October 9. October 12, 1492 Italian (according to some sources - Spanish) seafarer Christopher Columbus landed in the New World - on this day the Christopher Columbus expedition reached the island of San Salvador in the Bahamian archipelago, which was subsequently taken as the official date of the discovery of America. Although in most other American countries Columbus Day is celebrated on October 12 (which is logical and justified), in the United States it is celebrated on the second Monday of October. This event is rather contradictory, because the settlements of Europeans in America have led to the disappearance of the history and culture of many indigenous peoples of the continent. For the first time in the United States, this holiday was celebrated in 1792 - in honor of the 300th anniversary of the discovery of America. And then a monument to the seafarer was erected in Baltimore, and 100 years later, by the 400th anniversary of the event, a Columbus statue was erected in New York, and US President Benjamin Harrison called on Americans to make this solemn day a national holiday. Although differently and unofficially, it was already noted by many states and the American communities for a long time, until in 1937 it was declared an official state holiday throughout the country, and its celebration was fixed on October 12. But in 1971, the US Congress decided to celebrate Columbus Day on the second Monday of October. Above government buildings, the US national flag is raised (Photo: Aron Brand, Shutterstock) Currently, this day the US people are celebrating the anniversary of the opening of their country, attending festive church services and other events. In some cities special services, parades and large ceremonies are held. Most of the celebrations are centered around the Italian-American communities. Particular mention should be made of the festive events held in New York and San Francisco. Columbus Day is a public holiday in many parts of the US, but in some states, for example, in California, Nevada, Hawaii, the day is not celebrated. State institutions and schools are usually closed, but commercial organizations can work. Above government buildings raise the US national flag.

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Journalist's Day on the 6th of June!

We offer you our congrats due to this special professional holiday! Journalist Day is an official professional holiday in Ukraine celebrated on June 6. It was established in 1994 by President Leonid Kravchuk and has been celebrated each year ever since. The date of June 6 was chosen because on this day in 1992, the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine became a member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). The IFJ is the world's largest federation of journalists' trade unions. The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine is also a member of the European Federation of Journalists. Ukrainian Journalist Day is the professional holiday of all Ukrainian journalists, reporters, and editors. Other mass media workers often celebrate it, too, although they have their own professional holiday – Day of Radio, Television and Communication Workers celebrated on November 16. Journalist Day is not a non-working day unless it falls on a weekend. Journalist Day is marked with ceremonies, symposiums and informal events such as parties and picnics. During the rule of President Viktor Yanukovich, Ukrainian journalists used to hold peaceful demonstrations on this day, protesting against censorship and demanding protection of the freedom of press and the right to freedom of expression.

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Your chance to make beloved lady completely happy!!!

Dear members of our site, make your women happy with special gifts due to ALL WOMEN'S DAY!!! We have a huge amount of different gifts. So if you want to make your lady smile, just make her full with your attention!!!

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Happy St. Valentine's Day to all members!

Dear members of our site, we gladly congratulate you with coming All lover's day and wish you to find you love and stay happy together always! Dear men, share letters, congratulate women due to this wonderful holiday with different nice gifts. We wish you pleasant communication and let all your wishes come true!!!

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All women's Day!

Dear man, the great women holiday is coming already tomorrow! Dont forget to bring your beloved lady nice flowers, other pleasants and of cousre warm congrats! Women are those who motivate you for better!!!!

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Happy St.Valentine's Day!!!!

Dear members of our site, we gladly congratulate you with the holidays of all lovers! We sincerely wish you to find your second half and become totally happy in love! Let all your wishes come true, whatever you wish!!! Regards, Elite-Bride Team

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Merry Christmas, dear users!

We are glad to communicate you with New Year and Merry Christmas! Let all your wishes come true! We wish you to find your sweetheart in this year! Regards, Elite-bride Team

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Merry Christmas

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year.

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Feel your love on this day!

Dear men, we congratulate those who wait for All Hallows' Eve or commonly known Halloween! It’s time when you can feel yourself as a child wearing a mysterious costume and making jack-o'-lanterns out of pumpkins together with children or friends. We wish you to find your love and be happy! Regards, Elite-Bride Team

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The campaign for the most active users of the site!

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Love as sweet as honey and apples on Apple Spas!

Dear members of our website, we are pleased to congratulate you on the upcoming Apple Spas, let your life be as sweet as honey and apples! August 19 Transfiguration of Our Lord (Feast) - folk festival in the eastern Slavs, known since ancient times. According to national signs Feast in 2015, as every year, it is a symbol of the onset of autumn and changing nature. It is believed that after the August 19 night become much colder. But we wish you to have the warmest feelings to each other and let love to come into your life!!! Warmest regards, Elite-bride team!

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Have a Happy Day of Families!

Gentlemen! Today is a wonderful holiday - International Day of Families! We wish you to meet a beautiful marvelous lady to build your own strong and happy family with! Let the happiness come into your life! Best wishes to you and your families! Elite-Bride Team

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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Gentlemen! Elite-Bride Team wishes you to have a happy New Year! May all your dreams come true in new year, may all the people who love you and loved by you will be happy, healthy and close to you! Don’t forget to make a wish to meet your Lady when the clock will beat 12 at New Year’s Eve! Best wishes, Elite-Bride Team

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New Year's Presents

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